The range of topics selected to be included in the present symposium are listed below. They are not exclusive and have been proposed in order to be as broad as possible so as to provide a platform for a large number of contributions, maximizing the impact of this multi-disciplinary focused series of symposia on Transparent Conductive Materials (TCMs).



  • Functional/ multi-functional TCMs / TCOs / AOS / non-oxide TC’s
  • n-type channel materials
  • p-type semiconductor materials
  • Doping, modeling and simulation
  • Dielectric materials
  • Mechanical properties, morphology and defects
  • Electrical, and optical properties
  • Engineering of interfaces for enhanced properties
  • Hydrophobic/ Hydrophilic oxide materials
  • Meso-porous / Nano-porous materials and multilayer TCMs
  • Piezoelectric, magnetic and dielectric TCMs / TCOs
  • Photo-catalytic materials fundamentals
  • Hybrid and non-conventional TCMs

Fabrication, Processing, Characterization


  • Target materials / Solution precursors for TCMs
  • Physical growth techniques (PLD, sputtering, etc)
  • Chemical growth techniques (CVD, ALD, PE-CVD, AP-CVD, MOCVD, ACG, Spray pyrolysis, spin coating etc.)
  • Processing / Device fabrication methods
  • Surface and bulk analysis techniques
  • Electrical, Optical, Mechanical and Structural analysis
  • Direct writing, printing and patterning
  • New tools and equipment



  • TCM electrodes, dielectrics TCM electrodes, dielectrics and device fabrication
  • p-type metal oxide based devices
  • High-k oxides for electronic applications / Flexible substrates / Flexible electronics
  • Transparent electronic devices (Passive, linear, two-terminal, TTFTs, etc)
  • Flat-panel display (FPD), OLED,UV-LED, electronic paper
  • Transparent Circuits (Inverters, AMLCDs, AMOLEDs, etc)
  • TCM sensors (environmental / food / medical)
  • Oxides for photovoltaics / Protective coatings
  • Oxides for logic and memories applications
  • TCM for hybrid solar cells
  • Oxides for chromogenic materials and Devices
  • Oxides as Protective / Photo-catalytic and active coatings
  • Smart Windows / Oxides as construction and building materials
  • Wavelength-selective devices based on TCMs
  • Emerging exciting applications
  • Definition, terms, standards and industrial developments of TCMs
  • TCM for flexible transparent electronic devices
  • TCM for PV
  • TCM for solar fuel
  • Ga2O3 and related materials / device applications